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In this category we put all items that make your next party a real screamer. A good joke at the party can break the ice, everyone laughs and the party is guaranteed to be a success.

You'll find, for example, chip cans and peanut cans, jumping from which streamers hissing out. In addition you must continue to do nothing than to make the cans on the table. At some point, one of the guests get hungry for chips or peanuts, and try to open the cans. And when the lid of this Scharzartikel - open cans snakes shoot out. The snake from the chip socket looks to make matters worse, even from such a real snake ...

Of course you can use again and again the doses. Moreover, you stuffing the snakes simply back into the cans and are ready to go before the front. is equally obvious that the cans look like the real thing. No one will notice that it is not dealing with true Chips- or peanut cans.

We also have classic joke article in this category, as the jutting spoon or the corkscrew for left-handers. Its thread is wrong bent around so that it will be very difficult for all right-handed, to open a wine bottle. A classic at parties are also loo - mugs can either serve as a proper coffee mugs or as bowls for snacks. buy glad the magic candles, which can not be blown out. A few seconds after you have tried to blow out the candles, you will ignite as if by magic again themselves.

Kerzen Geburtstagstotre nicht ausblasen auspusten

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