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You sit all day on a boring desktop? Then you can find in this category some small gadgets that give you the fun of office life back. Who does not laugh, when the pen holder suddenly begins to scream, when you put in your pen? Granted, not everyone's humor. But boring pen holder has now really almost everyone at his table.
And weil's about fits: After fair and democratic draw (the boss's has decided) we have agreed on a TOP-3 of our favorite office jokes:

PLACE 3: Ask the visitors the boss: "How many people work here actually" responds the boss: "I guess so about half!"

PLACE 2: Do you know what is exchange? If you go with your opinion of the boss and come back with his opinion.

PLACE 1: The Apprentice in 1st year saves his boss from drowning. Says the Chief: "Now you have a wish!" The apprentice thinks a while and says: "Please tell anyone that I have saved you."


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