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Besides the stink bombs and whoopee cushion itching powder and sneezing powder are probably the most famous classic joke article. In countless films and books those bawdy jokes already were applied. What we have tinkered than children themselves from crushed rosehips, there are now as easy to use powder. In the packages are each located approximately 1 gram of the powder. This is sufficient in most cases already for single use only. However, one should also note that each person will react differently to this fun stuff. The one is more sensitive, the other is probably a larger amount required for the desired effect. But as you previously know this rarely, we ask you for consideration for your sacrifice. To use our itching powder should in or on garments, in bedding or on the toilet seat. The sneezing powder has proven itself when used on napkins and handkerchiefs. How and where you apply this classic joke article, of course, remains exclusively left to your fantasy ...

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