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Insects and Spiders:

In this category of our fun stuff shops you can find our insect - department ;-) Please make you the following situation: Your unpopular Coworker prepares his lunch. As he brings his utensils, you garnierst his food secretly with a fool-real-looking shit housefly plastic. This trick works just as well, of course with the lunchbox or a packed lunch. buy Gern the giant cockroaches plastic and mini spiders. All quite real and quite disgusting. If you want to make your girlfriend / wife a special gift, then you sieh' our gift to detail. When pressing on the upper flap lightning jumps an insect toward the hand. However special highlight this category are the insects - kitchen magnets. We have 7 different animals on offer, all of which have a small magnet on the bottom. In order to stick to any magnetic surface. Since the animals all are very small, these magnets are obviously not suited to heavy pinning calendar on the refrigerator. But for the small piece of paper or note it ranges all male. The Other Refrigerator magnets!

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