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It's getting hot :-) In this category of our Novelty Item Shops You get erotic and frivolous joke articles. In this area, we are our name and our claim DIRTY JOKES really just here you can find almost our core competence. You get the full range of slippery articles that will drive you and your friends blush. In DIRTY JOKES you can find not only entertaining dispersals for the next party, but also funny gifts for birthdays or stag parties. When selecting our erotic - gags we place particular emphasis on quality. Many of the products are you already supplied in the matching gift box. You can veschenken alike our erotic jokes birthday, name day, Easter or Christmas. can give away socks and ties now really everyone. This is boring and unimaginative and you want you do not embarrass using your gift yet. With us you'll find many great gifts. How about, for example, with a stylish and high-quality bag scratches or stainless steel - Penis dumbbell. bought Gern also our chocolate - penis, we can supply you in white or dark chocolate. We are glad to equip also from your bachelor party. The JGA is also in this country more popular and our items are suitable to such celebrations as the proverbial fist on the eye! In English-speaking countries Stag party or Hen Night called the farewell from the single has - life already become an established tradition. Here the ceremony contrasted course of a "normal" party. Just eating out or wild binge drinking are no longer enough to most of. But for a memorable, special, legendary evening You will also need special products. And this you can find with us. We can provide you all the products in sufficient numbers. If you take large items we make you a special prize. please, so if you'd like to place an order greater than 75 EUR, then turns you on our customer service, we like to advise you and make you an offer.


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