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In this category you can find a selection of surprising real Kackhaufen plastic. Our droppings plastic also have the advantage that they do not stink like a real turd. In this way, you can use this artificial dog feces repeatedly. This joke article also is a classic and is still quite popular again. Of course you can put in front of the door these feces pile when unloved neighbors or the teacher. Customers have recently even called me another funny implementation possibility: You were visiting friends who have a dog and always brag with how clean and well-behaved dog is. In an unguarded moment you have the dog poop placed directly on the carpet in front of the TV. Then you have loudly the hosts called and said that they had seen the dog could be "evacuated" in peace at this point. Really mean however was the additional use our Furzbomben to this story. This smelled in the room even after rotting eggs, which made ascend the blind panic in the home side. If you want to re-enact this story with your friends, then I beg you to save the dog in time for the impending punishment ... :-)

künstliche kackhaufen Kothaofen Plastik

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