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Here you can find another bestseller from our fun stuff - shop: Our shock - pens, also called short Kulischocker. The Purpose of Kulischockers are manifold. You can ask a friend to sign a document for you. Once your friend is trying to push the lead of the ball Schreibes out, he will get a surprising shock. Also suitable is the fun stuff shocker if from your desk again the work materials disappear. Place the Kulischocker on your desk and just wait. The "thief" will make a big circle around your desk now. Here, the electric shock is completely harmless, it is produced only by 3 Pieces AG3 button cells. From the outside, the electric shock is - the pen of a normal pen will not differ. Regardless of which side you the pen - shocker look, he always looks like a normal pen. Nobody will come only on the idea that the pen has a built electric shock function. The highlight of the matter: of course, also write the shock pen. The mine is by turning the tip of the pen challenges and also screwed again when needed. The typeface is indistinguishable from a normal pen without the shock function. The font color is blue, the line width medium. It should be noted that the mine is only about half as long by the built-in batteries, such as that of a normal coolies. Should the mine be advertised, you can simply cut a standard pen refill with scissors. The batteries can alternate course. Also the rear cover is simply subtracted, then the button cells become visible and can be replaced if necessary. Each Pen You get of course a manual where the functions are explained again exactly. We also have other office supplies, which are literally under power: So you can find in our shop even electrocution tacker, electric shock markers and a computer - mouse, distributes the shock. If you have any questions about our electric shock - have fun stuff, then you will help our customer service gladly.


Elektroschock Kugelschreiber Kulischocker

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