Electric Shock Shock Lighters


Electric shock lighters:

Here you can find the true best sellers in our fun stuff - shop: Our shock - lighters. To illustrate you what our joke items - lighters can you please stell' following situation: You are standing in sociable barbecue - round together with your friends. Then You light you with our lighter calmly a cigarette. No problem, your Sturmfeuerzeug works reliably even in windy conditions. And if the first smoking begins, then the rest will follow most of all alone. So You hand your lighter course continue to your friends. But when the first friend tried to light a cigarette, he is unlike you get a nasty shock. How is that possible? It's simple: Our lighter can do both: give fire AND distribute electric shocks. Only the sides are reversed. A stun you get only when you press the "usual" page. But the fire is on the other side.


Elektroschock Feuerzeug mit Stromschlag

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