Electric Shock Office Shocker


Electric shock office fun stuff:

Following situation well known to everyone: You're sitting at your desk and looking frantically your pins. And also the staple gun has already dragged someone. DAMNED...!! If you ask around the table who has your stuff, then logs as always nobody. But that stops now! Verlass' like it. Immediately make your colleagues a huge arc around your workplace. You will not even touch the table more, geschweigen because your working materials. Is made possible by our stun - Office - fun stuff. Mostly it is just strikingly realistic dummies of office materials. For example, the electric shock stapler from an ordinary office stapler indistinguishable. He is like a conventional stapler in size and appearance to the last detail. No one will notice the difference until he uses it. And then it's too late. Here, the electric shock is not dangerous, it is produced only by 4 button cells, which can also be changed easily even when required. Very funny is the computer - mouse. It has the size of a small USB - wireless mouse, as they usually take on trips. A particularly stylish detail to our shock mouse is the built-in LED - light. If you press only a button on the computer mouse, the mouse will light bluish from inside. The blue light excites naturally the attention of observers and certainly want this then try it. Once they touch accidentally both mouse buttons simultaneously, they receive a non-hazardous, but very surprising shock. Of course, can be exchanged easily and the 4 button cells in the electroshock mouse. Also be like gerkauft the shock felt pens. This can not be distinguished from a normal permanent marker. There are our stun pens in three colors: red, black and blue. It should be noted here that it also is only deceptively genuine replicas. Thus, the pins can not really write. It's all about the electric shock as a nasty joke. Especially put your heart we wish you also a bestseller our Novelty Item Shops: The electric shock - pens. This we have deliberately placed in a separate category, since they are not dealing here with a dummy. The Kulischocker can do both: writing distribute AND electroshocks. However, only write with the stun pen, who knows the secret function. All other get an electric shock when they try the mine to turn out. If you have any questions about our electric shock - have fun stuff, then you will help our customer service gladly.


Elektroschock Büro Stromschlag Scherzartikel Office

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