Electric Shock Keychains with Shock


Life is too short for boring Keychains:

And true to this motto you can find here a selection of unique stun keychain. As keychain normally associated at best, a leather straps with your own name. Or the chip for the shopping cart. Convenient but stinklangweilig! We pimp your keyring. And with power. Wine joke, we've keychain in the program that will bring you a triple benefit:

1.) There are funny eye that no one else guarantees on his key ring has.
2.) When someone tries to use your keychain, then he gets a nasty shock.
3. have) all Keychains either even a laser pointer or a LED lamp as an additional function.

Of course you have to know how to turns the laser pointer or LED light without capture electrocuted. The additional functions are in fact hidden. So if in a conventional manner tried the key fob to elicit the light or laser beam get an electric shock. If you have any questions about our electric shock - have fun stuff, then you will help our customer service gladly.


witzige lustige einzigartige coole Schlüsselanhänger

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