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This category is filled with wonderfully witty electrocution novelty articles. Everything is live. The common thing is that you would not think the articles that you distribute nasty electric shocks. Here this joke articles are all completely harmless to healthy people. The power comes only from button cells, which can easily be changed as needed.

The highlight in this special category are surely the hand gun. These green or beige Stun You lay concealed in the palm of the hand and welcomes your friends with a handshake. Once your friend touches the two silver contact surfaces of the hand scho ckers with his palm, he gets a harmless, but frightening shock. Again, the power comes from 4 button cells. When the batteries are all, then you only need a small screwdriver, and can change the button cells in a few minutes.

is also very happy to buy the electric shock hand muscle trainer. Ask your friends to measure the power in your hands. As soon as he squeezes the fun stuff, he gets a reward instead of a surprising shock. Many of these stun fun stuff you'll only get with us. We are always looking for innovative, unused and funny jokes. Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to apply a joke article that knows your victim already. That will not happen you guaranteed at this special novelty articles.

Even if the products are not dangerous: Please be fair and apply our products not in old or sick people or children to. If you have any questions about our electric shock - have fun stuff, then you will help our customer service gladly.


Elektroschock Scherzartikel mit Stromschlag Buzzer

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