Safety instructions for our stun-articles:

Please be fair and apply our fun stuff to not in children or elderly and the sick peoples.
Of course, you can use this products at your own risk.
In no case the products must be opened, modified or otherwise altered.
Our products may only be operated with the specified batteries. 
The use of stronger batteries or other power sources is expressly prohibited.
Our stun - products are indeed fun stuff, but not a toy for children.


As our electrocution articles function:

In our joke articles produced within the printer to the "right" button, a voltage discharges in the finger. In any case, two poles must be touched simultaneously on products, only then you can feel the electric shock. If you just touch a pole, then no current flows.

Therefore, it is no problem to handle the case. Only when printed on the dedicated button, you feel an electric shock.

For most, the essentials of electroshock item is explained thus. Physicists of you please read on;-)

When you press the "right" button is indeed emitted by the electric shock-products, a high voltage, but only a very small current. Because of the relatively high output voltage you can feel the electric shock nonetheless. Several factors are decisive for the strength of the shock: the remaining capacity of the batteries, contact resistance of fun stuff at hand and of course pressed time.

The maximum surge is already physically limited by the capacity of the built-in batteries. The battery (in our cases most button cells) can give only the proposed what was given her by the production. Even at the lowest possible contact resistance and permanently applied voltage the current reaches only a very small value. The use of stronger batteries or other power sources is therefore expressly prohibited.


Therefore, our products are all safe and will not cause any damage in healthy people. 
Notice anyway please these safety. 

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