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With DIRTY-JOKES you can find more than just fun stuff for Hen Nights, Stag Partys, Carnival or Halloween or a lot of fun gadgets. Do you also offer a wide range of magic items and card tricks. So all thrilled the heart of illusionists and the joke Boldes alike. Because we love flashy, colorful, unusual and funny. No joke is too hot and not a magic trick too heavy.

You want to align a party or are invited to a bachelorette party? Then you should definitely browse our funny party products. In the category of erotic and frivolous fun stuff you sure find something that your heart is warm. As well-stocked shop for magic tricks and card tricks we try you again and again to surprise with new magic items. Schau' Just have a closer and Lies our detailed descriptions for each item. You'll find very quickly that trick you fascinated. Besides shocking jokes but we also offer physically shocking: Those who want to buy an electric shock joke article, which is available in our shop also at the right address. As you can see, we offer you articles on various topics that nevertheless combines all one thing: They are always entertaining and absolutely unusual - Enjoy browsing!


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buy fun stuff - our online shop makes you laugh

From sneezing powder to inflatable penis in our department joke article, you can find everything your funny bone overused. Loggerhead insects are part of our repertoire as funny aprons and sexy chocolate penises. All this fun stuff you can use to spice up a bachelor party or align a scary Halloween party. With our wonderful pretty Nerdbrillen to become the eye-catcher at the next Carnival Fete. At the office, you can make yourself popular with these fun products. What guarantees all laugh, is the long-standing whoopee cushion. Even a fake dog poop can be wonderfully placed under the desk of a colleague or in front of his office door. So we offer you all in to conjure up their sleeve for the most diverse occasions like Carnival, bachelor party and Halloween, to be dressed appropriately or a fun surprise.

Your Shop for stun guns that are guaranteed harmless

Also for the use intended in the office, our stun are office supplies. But this is only the beginning. Because we at Dirty Jokes could not get enough of this electrifying joking and therefore have a whole category equipped with different electric batons. Here is a variety of everyday objects, which have been expanded to include the function of a shock-joke article. So you can buy from us the well-liked Kulischocker or our electric shock lighter. Whether MP3 player or car keys, by the electric shock function you can guarantee each of your friends hoodwinked. Of course, it is not a true stun gun (taser) which are suitable for self-protection. With us small but fine electrocution are distributed that do no hurt, but fun. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised in handling the commercial with us electroshock articles. In no small children or the elderly should be startled with electric batons.

Party Merchandise joke - so you bring your party season swinging

You're planning a party for your birthday or it is the bachelor party of your friend around the corner? Then you can not fail to provide our funny party products. Our online shop offers you a wide variety of small things to make your celebration special. A stag can be designed perfectly with the fun games and accessories.

drinking games and fun party accessories

In Dirty Jokes we let it rip correctly. Because our party items are a must-have for every successful Sause. Always a hit is the drinking game "Roulette". This simple game is a classic drinking games and should definitely land on your Gift Registry. Possibly you want to make a special gift itself? How about with no strippable candles? On a homemade cake this inextinguishable candles are the icing on the cake. Also a special feature of our LED products. These glowing party products provide a great atmosphere and into the late evening hours. LED ice cubes and break lights will enchant your guests.

magic all delight - simple magic tricks for anyone

Enchant You can also with our great Magic Products. In Dirty Jokes you can buy magic tricks and enthuse your guests. Simple magic tricks for beginners we well Releases as tricks for advanced users. With practice, a great magic show can be so put together, which is your audience will not soon forget. make our magic tricks for yourself you can learn easily. For practicing diligently is to convince all of you the most important requirement. Only practice makes perfect. Whether magic tricks for children or magic tricks for adults, our selection is suitable for all ages. How about, for example, if you could make a coin disappear or mental abilities the age of your friends can predict? These simple tricks you can learn very quickly. Just select the appropriate magic buy and try. You'll certainly want to still try other tricks, such as the "torn paper". If you are interested now, then you should definitely browse the category magic tricks!

buy card tricks - with Dirty Jokes find maps artist their paradise

Enchanting are the card tricks that you can buy from us. Also in this area is about the art of illusion. This would be nothing without a good preparation with our magic trick cards. We give the tools at hand to make a card disappear or be able to predict the selected card. The marked cards can be used for different card tricks. Only at poker with marked cards, you should be careful. Pay with simple card tricks for Zauberlehrling and inspire your guests if. On family celebrations or birthdays The magic tricks with cards could be the highlight of the next party. In our category card tricks you can find a wide variety of instructions and magic light and heavy card tricks.

Gadgets - Curiosities, fascinating and useful

hide different things behind the category Gadgets. But one thing that all our gadgets in common: they are not commonplace. With these products, we want to show that every day can be a special. Whether breakfast starts with a heart-shaped fried egg or ending at dinner with our sweet chopsticks, you have it in hand, to make your day extraordinary. A special highlight in this category are our magic boxes. Anything you can find in gadgets, interesting, funny or just beautiful. Besides the many curious helpers as the transformer flashlight, we we provide a range of unusual jewelery. These have either special skills or stand out by their design. For parents who want to bring you closer to your children the joy of science and crafts, we have also discovered a few highlights among the gadgets.

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