Instructions for battery disposal:


In combination with the sale of batteries or with the delivery of equipment containing rechargeable or disposable batteries, we are obliged, according to battery regulation to the following: Batteries may not be disposed of with household garbage. You are legally obliged to return used batteries As the end user. You can return batteries free of charge after use to the retail outlet or in your immediate vicinity (for example, in municipal collection sites). You can also return batteries to us by mail.



Disposal Packaging Ordinance

We are in accordance with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance, consigned to the buyer packaging which is not the sign of a system of comprehensive waste management (such as the "Green Dot" of the Dual System Germany) contribute to withdraw and for its reuse or disposal.To further clarify the return contact with such products, our customer service (Daniel Kunick, installer Kunick, Walter Erdmann-Straße 1a, 07548 Gera, +49365 7104098). It will then be named a municipal collection or a waste management company in your area for free take back the packaging.You have again the possibility to return the packaging to the seller.The packaging be reused or disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance.


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